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Bitcoin Mining Opportunity 

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Why Invest in Our Bitcoin Mining Program?

One-Year Commitment 

Earn 5% monthly / 15% quarterly / 60% annually for one year with option to renew your investment at the end of the 12 month term.

Simple Payout Structure

Receive your payouts monthly, quarterly, or at the end of the 12 month term.

Secured Investments

Investments are secured by state of the art hardware used to mine bitcoin ensuring even if the bitcoin market declines, your investment will be safe. 

About DriveWealth Bitcoin Mining

Driving Wealth with Our Bitcoin Mining Program

Bitcoin mining is the process by which new bitcoins are created and added to the circulating supply. It is a crucial component of the Bitcoin network, as it not only introduces new bitcoins but also maintains the security and integrity of the blockchain ledger. Bitcoin mining involves solving complex mathematical puzzles using powerful computers, and miners compete to solve these puzzles in order to add new blocks of transactions to the blockchain.

Here's how the process of Bitcoin mining works:

  1. Transaction Validation: Whenever a Bitcoin transaction is made, it is added to a pool of unconfirmed transactions. Miners select transactions from this pool to include in the next block.

  2. Proof of Work: Miners then work to solve a cryptographic puzzle, which requires immense computational power. The first miner to solve the puzzle gets to add the next block of transactions to the blockchain.

  3. Block Addition: Once the puzzle is solved, the new block is added to the blockchain, and the transactions it contains are confirmed as valid. This process requires a significant amount of energy and computational resources.

  4. Reward: As a reward for their efforts, the miner who successfully adds the new block receives a fixed number of newly created bitcoins, along with any transaction fees paid by users for the transactions included in the block.

Bitcoin Mining

We use only the top tier hardware for our mining machines ensuring high-yield daily, monthly, and yearly payouts. We currently use Model Antminer KS3 (8.3Th) from Bitmain mining KHeavyHash algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 8.3Th/s
for a power consumption of 3188W.

1yr Minimum Term
Quick Term Investment
60% annually (15% quarterly)

Investment funds are used to secure, maintain, and operate our bitcoin mining rigs.

4yr Term
Ride the Wave

60% annually (240% total return)

Investment funds are used to secure, maintain, and operate our bitcoin mining rigs.


Quick guides to investing in automotive inventory plus additional automotive news and information along with bitcoin mining investment information. 

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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